Christine Simmons, Photographer

Christine Simmons

Christine Simmons is Honest, Friendly and Patient— Creative, Efficient and Reliable.

Christine has been regarded for such attributes from the onset of her career. It's how she stays connected to her clients’ needs and delivers top notch, person-to-person service.

After cutting her teeth in retail marketing with the 2nd largest shopping mall/community developer in the nation, Christine quickly realized that she loved working with people and had a passion for the creative in the world of business and customer care. She combined her entrepreneurial mindset and design expertise to launch a private photography business and has been running a successful operation for over 20 years now, exceeding expectations of more than 2,000 satisfied clients.

“What I find most thrilling about my work is leading a photo session from start to finish while interfacing with families, children and business professionals from many different backgrounds,” says Christine.

She is visionary with a penchant for details, organization and planning. She enjoys bringing clients’ thoughts, engagements and visions into beautiful photography that is representative of their family dynamics, their profession or their business. She says “More than the outcome, it’s the course of action that intrigues me—watching the ideas, passions and talents of my clients come alive to produce something new, different and meaningful that they can share with others through traditional portraits or digital media.”

Christine's Philosophy

From serious, friendly and refreshed business photos to warm, playful family portraits, Christine takes great pride in engaging everyone throughout the creative process. The end result is not to merely to fill a social media component or decorate a wall or table. For professional clients she reveals the essence of their personality and character, and transcends corporate value. For her family clients, Christine brings about magical, intimate connections that are remembered over time and distance.